DatePodcast Title
28 December 20202020 In Review: World News
16 December 2020Malaysia A Price-Taker In Regional Security?
19 October 2020BFM PODCAST: How Do We Cure An Infodemic?
02 October 2020BFM PODCAST: SPV 2030 – Fair, Just, and Inclusive?
13 August 2020Cost Cutting is Key but Not This Year
19 February 2020Is “Not Taking Sides” a Viable Option for ASEAN?
17 February 2020The Science, Politics and Geopolitics of Coronavirus
04 February 2020Vision for Regional Peace and Security
16 January 2020US-China Relations in the 21st Century: What it means for Malaysia
11 December 2019The Indo-Pacific Strategy and Japan
31 October 2019A Policy Discussion with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs
26 September 2019Modi 2.0: Domestic and Foreign Agendas and Challenges
25 September 2019Understanding Modern China: Whence It Came, Where It’s Heading
03 September 2019Global Maritime Challenges : Strategic Challenges and Perspectives for Malaysia
29 August 2019Common Security in the Islamic World
18 July 2019Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement’s Response in Rakhine State in Myanmar
14 June 2019The CPTPP: Economic and Legal Implications
12 March 2019China-Japan relations in the context of current competition between China and the United States
11 March 2019History and its Lessons for Maritime Southeast Asia
29 January 2019Using Emergency Rooms Data and Wastewater Analysis to Monitor Drug Use Trends
11 January 2019Trumpism and the Future of American Global Leadership
06 December 2018Cyber Operations In War and Peacetime – Fundamental Issues and Critical Reflections
26 October 2018Korea’s New Southern Policy: Motivations, Aspirations, and Implications
24 October 2018How to Understand China Today Through Its Traditional Philosophy: China’s X Factor
30 July 2018The Southern Thailand Conflict: Complexities, Obstacles, and Opportunities
19 July 2018Child Marriage Study: Analysis, Drivers and Recommendations
09 July 2018The United States and China in Southeast Asia: Power Shift or Competitive Coexistence?
22 May 2018India in the 21st Century
26 April 2018The Crisis in Syria: Background and Prospects for Resolution
18 April 2018Strategic Stability in Asia and Beyond
29 March 2018A New Perspective in International Relations: Reinventing the Wheel of Idealism in Modern Day Politics: The Turkish Case
09 March 201860 Years of Malaysia-Indonesia Economic Ties: The Way Forward