DatePodcast Title
26 January 2024BFM podcast: Malaysia’s clean energy ambitions waiting on action
12 January 2024BFM podcast: Malaysia & Indonesia on shared boundaries in a relationship
20 November 2023Care Economy: Bringing invisible labour out of the shadows
17 November 2023BFM podcast: APEC, trade benefits for all
01 November 2023BFM podcast: Giving policy recognition to the care economy
19 October 2023BFM podcast: Is China’s Belt and Road Initiative still relevant
12 October 2023BFM podcast: PM Thavisin visit sets tone for Thai-Malaysia ties
19 September 2023Continuity over change in China-Malaysia ties
27 July 2023BFM podcast: Spotlight on Malaysia-Pinoy ties
04 July 2023BFM podcast: Malaysia’s foreign policy under the unity government
19 May 2023BFM podcast: Could this heatwave be the coolest ever?
12 May 2023BFM podcast: Myanmar crisis: Asean rhetoric still outweighs action
03 April 2023Warming relations between China and Malaysia
16 March 2023Asia update: how AUKUS impacts Southeast Asia
06 February 2023BFM podcast: Singapore-Malaysia building stronger ties
16 December 2022NRECC ministry: balancing trade-offs in climate change action
02 December 2022#Talkingpolicy ep 06: Implementing the five-point consensus in Myanmar: A Malaysian perspective
#Talkingpolicy ep 06: Implementing the five-point consensus in Myanmar: A Malaysian perspective
22 November 2022#Talkingpolicy ep 05: Post-GE15 analysis with Eddin Khoo
21 November 20221.5C remains on life support post-COP27
18 November 2022#Talkingpolicy EP04: GE15 wishlist
#Talkingpolicy EP04: GE15 wishlist
#Talkingpolicy EP04: GE15 wishlist
#Talkingpolicy EP04: GE15 wishlist
#Talkingpolicy EP04: GE15 wishlist
11 November 2022#Talkingpolicy EP03: Women power-less at GE15
17 October 2022BFM podcast: All eyes on China’s twice-a-decade 20th national congress of the communist party?
08 October 2022#Talkingpolicy EP02: 2023 budget reactions with ISIS Malaysia experts, part 01
#Talkingpolicy EP02: 2023 budget reactions with ISIS Malaysia experts, part 03
02 September 2022BFM podcast: Will TVET help address Malaysia’s need for skilled talents?
31 July 2022Is Asean pointless handling the situation in Myanmar?
15 July 2022BFM podcast: Trade, still the centre of the Sino-malaysia relationship
12 May 2022BFM podcast: US-Asean summit: Symbolism over substance?
10 May 2022BFM podcast: Power returns to the Marcos family
03 March 2022Code red: Malaysia needs adaptation plan for climate change
28 February 2022BFM podcast: Why is Asean muted on the invasion of Ukraine
10 February 2022BFM podcast: Should we raise the minimum wage sooner?
16 December 2021Anthony Blinken’s short trip to Malaysia
25 November 2021BFM podcast – On the Melaka election: BN’s big win
09 November 2021China’s much anticipated sixth plenum
06 October 2021BFM podcast: 10k household income by 2025?
29 September 2021BFM podcast: Does the 12MP address gender inequality and inequity?
17 September 2021BFM podcast: Walking the talk, not just rhetoric
03 September 2021BFM podcast: Common prosperity to address China’s inequality
26 August 2021BFM Podcast: What would the ideal Cabinet look like?
20 August 2021BFM podcast: Understanding the evacuations from Afghanistan
18 August 2021NEWS | PN collapses, Who will the king choose as next PM?
07 July 2021BFM Podcast: Moving forward with challenges in migration issues
28 June 2021BFM Podcast: On the evolving role of think-tanks
22 June 2021BFM Podcast: The COVID-19 crisis: Is Malaysia Losing Its Middle Class?
14 June 2021BFM Podcast: Outcomes of the G7 summit
02 June 2021BFM Podcast: Pemerkasa+: Reactive or proactive solution?
22 April 2021BFM Podcast: Translating green policies, councils and plans into real action
15 April 2021BFM Podcast: Fresh grads barely making minimum wage
06 April 2021BFM Podcast: Raise pay to raise productivity
05 April 2021BFM Podcast: Understanding ‘big brother’ furore
30 March 2021BFM Podcast: Malaysia uninvited to climate action summit
18 March 2021Pemerkasa: Strong Enough to Kickstart the Economy?
23 February 2021BFM Podcast: To deport or not?
22 January 2021Selangor making additional plans
14 January 2021Trump, twice impeached
28 December 20202020 In Review: World News
16 December 2020Malaysia A Price-Taker In Regional Security?
19 October 2020BFM PODCAST: How Do We Cure An Infodemic?
02 October 2020BFM PODCAST: SPV 2030 – Fair, Just, and Inclusive?
13 August 2020Cost Cutting is Key but Not This Year
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