Lee Min Hui was interviewed by BFM89.9 on 2 July 2024

Produced by: Dashran Yohan
Presented by: Dashran Yohan

Malaysia is becoming an ageing society and concurrently, there are changes in family structures. People are growing older, living longer, choosing to have less children or no children and unlike our grandparents’ time, big families generally don’t tend to live under one roof anymore, for various reasons. This may not be an issue in and of itself but the problem arises because our current economic framework does not take into account these shifts, and unless changes happen quickly, there are going to be consequences. And the brunt of these consequences is going to be felt – or is already being felt – specifically by women.

Link to the policy paper here: https://www.isis.org.my/2024/06/12/building-a-cradle-to-grave-care-economy-for-malaysia/

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