The Network of East Asian Think-Tanks (NEAT)

The Network of East Asian Think-Tanks or “NEAT” as it is usually known was a recommendation of the East Asian Studies Group (2002) set up by the ASEAN Plus Three (APT) Summit.

It is a grouping of 13 government-designated organizations, one from each APT country.

The main purposes of NEAT

  1. Serve as a ‘Track Two’ (i.e. academic/research institutes) process for APT or East Asian cooperation,
  2. Pool together academic/research institutes resources of the APT countries to provide intellectual support for East Asian cooperation,
  3. Study issues and initiatives identified by the APT Summit or other levels of meetings and give policy recommendations to the APT meetings,
  4. Study issues and carry out joint research concerning East Asian cooperation in key areas, including strategic and emerging issues concerning the overall situation and the future direction of East Asian cooperation,
  5. Produce and disseminate NEAT publications, and
  6. Establish linkages with ‘Track One’ (i.e. official/ governmental) of APT and with other institutions and organizations.

Founding Country Coordinators

The founding Country Coordinators of NEAT are:

  • Brunei Darussalam Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brunei;
  • General Department of ASEAN, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Cambodia;
  • Center for East Asian Studies, China Foreign Affairs University, China,
  • Center for East Asian Cooperation Studies, Indonesia;
  • The Japan Forum on International Relations, Inc. Japan;
  • Korean Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (KISEAS), Korea;
  • Institute of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Laos,
  • Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia;
  • Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies (MISIS), Myanmar;
  • Philippine Institute for Development Studies, Philippines;
  • East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore, Singapore;
  • Institute of East Asian Studies, Thammasat University, Thailand; and
  • Institute for International Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vietnam

NEAT Malaysia

ISIS Malaysia is the Country Coordinator for Malaysia.

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