Indo-Pacific and Southeast Asia: Strategic contests and rivalry in tech adoption

    Critical technologies and its value chains is the contested arena of the 21st Century, especially where knowledge and technology transfers could lead to deliberate or accidental imports of technology governance systems.

    Capacity building and procurement of technologies could cleave the world into blocs, particularly if countries choose strategic alignments of technical standards, privacy practices and acceptable forms of responsible state behaviour.

    In a developing region such as Southeast Asia, how do capacity building strategies such as the Digital Silk Road shape rules and standards?

    Join ISIS Malaysia for a virtual discussion on whether regional responses such as the Indo-Pacific strategies mitigate or exacerbate vulnerabilities for developing nations? What are the areas of cooperation for Malaysia and Japan to build a safe and stable cyberspace?


    Date30 November 2022
    Time10am (UTC +8)
    PlatformZoom webinar

    Discussant 1:

    • Dr Dai Mochinaga
      Associate Professor
      Shibaura Institute of Technology

    Discussant 2:

    • Farlina Said
      Senior analyst
      Institute of Strategic & International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia


    • Thomas Daniel
      Senior fellow
      Institute of Strategic & International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia

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