Pandemic Papers: Lessons from Covid-19

    The past two years have brought about enormous economic, social and political changes. But challenges also create opportunities to learn.  

    What did Covid-19 teach Malaysia between 2020 and 2021? ISIS Malaysia’s experts take a critical look at the nation’s experience of the pandemic to preserve the hard-earned knowledge from the last two years. 

    Pandemic Papers: Lessons from Covid-19 touches on economic growth and development; the impact on women; human capital and foreign relations; and how the pandemic shaped the national discourse. It also documents Covid-19 policies and their effects. 

    The articles provide context for specific government policies and include recommendations aimed at preparing us for the next crisis. 

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    P03. Policy failures and lessons from Covid crisis
    by Calvin Cheng & Harris Zainul

    P06. Crisis of inequality: Covid-19’s long-lasting economic impacts
    by Calvin Cheng

    P18. Poorer pupils pay price of pandemic with e-learning shortcomings
    by Sofea Azahar

    P25. Addressing mental health challenges in unison
    by Puteri Nor Ariane Yasmin

    P34. Women’s woes: Gendered impact of Covid-19
    by Lee Min Hui

    P40. Accelerating digitalisation, digital rights in Covid era
    by Farlina Said

    P47. Building a more robust and resilient information ecosystem
    by Harris Zainul

    P55. Climate change comes to forefront in Covid age
    by Darshan Joshi & Ahmad Afandi Nor Azmi

    P60. Civil-military relations during pandemic
    by Izzah Ibrahim & Regina Wan Ahmad

    P66. China’s ‘soft power’ on show in Southeast Asia
    by Angeline Tan

    P71. Room to grow the Putrajaya-New Delhi partnership
    by Yanitha Meena Louis

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