Instead of tempering major power competition, the pandemic has become yet another avenue of rivalry and has forced the world to confront issues of governance competency, economic resilience and adaptability, and socio-cultural cohesion. 

Below are links to our take on these issues.

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    Malaysia-Indonesia: Partnership in challenging times

    by Herizal Hazri & Philips Vermonte

    Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s visit to Indonesia in February was a reflection of the sheer urgency and necessity for the two countries to work together in these challenging times, writes ISIS Chief Executive Herizal Hazri. 
    This was Muhyiddin’s first overseas trip since becoming prime minister and showed the importance of the bilateral relationship. But has the relationship between our countries changed during the course of the pandemic?

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    In age of disruption, foresight and agility trump all

    by Thomas Daniel

    The disruptive effects of the pandemic have been severe enough that the new normal of policymaking appears to be reactive rather than proactive. Proactive planning is extraordinarily difficult as policymakers face realities that keep changing at breakneck pace – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

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    Southeast Asia riding this pandemic wave together

    By Muhammad Sinatra 

    The time has come to institutionalise cross-border cooperation in pandemic management, and not continue with nation-centric attitudes.

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