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The Malaysian Economy: One Decade in Review
How the Malaysian economy has changed over the last decade in 11 charts

Photo: Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay
Graphic design by Ridzwuan Rosli

As we enter February 2020, it is perhaps a good time to pause and take stock: how have the structure and nature of the Malaysian economy changed over the past decade? How have we progressed—and where are we stuck?

Here is a quick look of the Malaysian economy of the 2010s in 11 charts: covering selected measures of economic growth and national income; trade and investment; and household incomes, inequality and poverty.

1. Economic Growth: GDP and National Income

2. Trade and Investment

3. Wages & Prices

4. Household Incomes, Poverty and Inequality

List of data sources

  1. Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM)
    1. Household Income and Basic Amenities Survey; various years
    2. Salaries & Wages Survey; 2018
    3. Quarterly International Investment Position (IIP); various years
    4. Quarterly National Account – Gross Domestic Product; various years
    5. Statistics Yearbook Malaysia; 2018
    6. Consumer Price Index (CPI); November 2019
  2. World Bank Open Data
    1. GNI per capita, Atlas method,
  3. National Property Information Centre
    1. All House Price Index (AHPI)

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