Visit by Temasek Society, Singapore

    Visit by
    Temasek Society, Singapore
    25 November 2019
    Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia


    On 25 November, a Temasek Society delegation from Singapore visited ISIS Malaysia as part of their tour of Malaysian institutions for updates and briefings. Led by Brigadier-General Percival Goh of C4 Command, Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), the delegation consisted of military officers and Defence Ministry civilian staff. The issues discussed included Malaysia’s current foreign policies, aspects of the US-China trade dispute, and regional trading arrangements and their geopolitical implications. The Temasek Society has been described as a forum for SAF officers and civilians to discuss strategic and professional military issues. The purpose of the study visit was to provide opportunities for networking and understanding of the political, security and socio-economic developments in Malaysia as well as to strengthen people-to-people ties between institutions.

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