The United States and China in Southeast Asia: Power Shift or Competitive Coexistence?

    Date 9 July 2018
    Time 10:00am
    Venue ISIS Malaysia
    By Professor David Shambaugh
    George Washington University, USA

    US-China comprehensive competition is currently playing out on an increasingly global scale. The competition’s primary locus is the vast Indo-Asia-Pacific region, and it is centred in Southeast Asia. The two powers are increasingly locked in a classic strategic competition, but the pervasive media narrative in the region holds that China is gaining the upper hand. In this ISIS International Affairs Forum, Professor David Shambaugh will explore whether this popular narrative is empirically accurate, and what strengths and weaknesses each power bring to the region. Finally, he will be explore how the two powers can manage their tensions, limit their rivalry, and “practice competitive coexistence” – from which ASEAN can benefit.

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