The Indo-Pacific Strategy and Japan

    Date 11 December 2019
    Time 10:00am
    Venue Conference Room, ISIS Malaysia
    Status By invitation

    Presentation by
    Prof Satoshi Morimoto
    Chancellor, Takushoku University
    Former Minister of Defense

    The Indo-Pacific region is considered to be the centre of international economic development. Japan is working to pursue inclusive peace and prosperity for the region through a free and open Indo-Pacific initiative taken by the United States. To advance the cause of forging a rules-based international order, Japan will join the United States, Australia and India to form a multinational cooperation framework. In our opinion, freedom of navigation needs to be implemented when transferring defence equipment – such as radars, aircrafts designed for surveillance and air defence, patrol frigates and related technologies – to the ASEAN nations. Such initiatives should be used to build a cooperative network of like-minded countries in the Indo-Pacific. Japan would like to consult with like-minded countries in seeking appropriate ways to deal with Chinese hegemonic actions of maritime expansion.

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