The geography of migration in Asia: Trends, patterns and policy implications with Dr Aude Bernard

    While the global number of internal migrants outnumbers international migrants by a factor of four, the analysis of internal migration lags behind.

    The links between how human development, historical events, cultural norms and political frameworks have shaped population movements within Asia is still not fully understood.

    However, the study of population movements is of rising importance. The role of migration in transforming the size, distribution and composition of populations will continue to grow as more countries transition to below-replacement fertility.

    To answer these pressing questions, ISIS Malaysia is honoured to host noted demographer Dr Aude Bernard, who will present the results from her multi-year international collaborative research project, which brought together migration scholars from 15 Asian countries and Australia.

    Join us in an exclusive online-only presentation, which will focus on measuring and discussing cross-national variations in the level of internal migration, the age and educational selectivity of internal migration, its impact on the distribution of human settlement and its links to international migration.


    Date20 October 2022
    Time10am (UTC +8)
    PlatformZoom webinar

    Recording of the event


    • Dr Aude Bernard
      Senior Lecturer
      Queensland Centre for Population Research
      University of Queensland

    Welcoming remarks:

    • Alizan Mahadi
      Senior director of research
      Institute of Strategic & International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia


    • Lee Min Hui
      Institute of Strategic & International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia

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