The Biden Administration’s Global Engagement Strategy

    Foreign Policy Speaker Series

    The Biden Administration’s Global Engagement Strategy


    President Joseph Biden has indicated an American foreign policy that is predicated on core values like democracy and human rights, as well as commitment to global institutions and multilateralism. Will this return to more traditional paradigms of American engagement result in more opportunities or challenges in different parts of the world? What are the likely impacts of America’s foreign policy to its longstanding transatlantic relationships, and engagement in the Middle East? How does a Biden administration plan to reengage and revitalise with multilateral institutions, to manage a gamut of global challenges? 



    Mr Murray Hiebert
    Senior Associate
    Southeast Asia Program
    Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
    Washington, D.C


    Ms Elina Noor
    Director, Political-Security Affairs;
    Deputy Director, Asia Society Policy Institute;
    Visiting Fellow, ISIS Malaysia 


    Date 10 February 2021
    Time 10:00am (GMT +8)
    Venue Via Zoom


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