The ASEAN Sustainability Forum (ASF) 2019

    The ASEAN Sustainability Forum (ASF) 2019

    Business Practices and Opportunities in the Age of Sustainable Development Goals

    Organizers : ISIS Malaysia and Yayasan Budi Penyayang

    Date14 September 2019


    This forum is envisaged to demonstrate how businesses in Southeast Asia have responded to the SDGs by embedding the principles and goals of the SDGs into their businesses as well as utilising the SDGs to foster a community approach in enterprises such as the social solidarity economy. In this context, the aim is to attract an audience who is interested in connecting with communities, industries and artisanal brands to inspire sustainable business practices within the region in a more integrated manner. It also aims to encourage business connectivity among the various role players in the region while also broadening new enterprising opportunities for businesses in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The objectives of the forum are twofold:

    Firstly, is to understand the prospects of fostering an ASEAN community through the SDGs by facilitating connectivity, market linkages and market opportunities for supporting businesses by capitalising on the ASEAN Community framework; and

    Secondly, is to explore transformative business and economic models towards achieving SDGs in Southeast Asia through social, institutional and technological innovations and best practices at the local level.

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