Modi 2.0: Domestic and Foreign Agendas and Challenges

    Date 26 September 2019
    Time 10:00am
    Venue Conference Room, ISIS Malaysia



    Dr Sinderpal Singh
    Senior Fellow and Coordinator, South Asia Programme
    S Rajaratnam School of International Studies
    Nanyang Technological University


    The BJP’s (Bharatiya Janata Party) resounding victory in the 2019 general elections affords it a unique opportunity to pursue specific domestic and foreign policy agendas. However, despite this overwhelming victory, the BJP also faces several structural and cyclical challenges, originating both domestically as well as regionally and globally, in pursuing and implementing its agenda. In specific areas, however, the BJP has demonstrated clear progress in realising certain aspects of the party’s agenda and this second term will be key to the BJP’s aim to re-structure India in the party’s image.

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