Let’s Talk in 5G

    On one hand, the diffusion of 5G technologies is expected to increase the adoption of data-related technologies, thus realising Malaysia’s economic vision.

    On the other, against the backdrop of Malaysia’s maturing cyber security and developing data governance regime, vulnerabilities in supply chains and sufficient oversight in data governance can impact safety and security.

    Join us for this half-day event to explore Malaysia’s rollout of 5G, identify future security issues and scrutinise mechanisms that could be raised to mitigate present and future risks.

    This webinar is a collaboration between ISIS Malaysia and the Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur.

    Recording of the event

    Date 29 September 2021
    Time 0930 – 1245 (UTC+8)
    Venue ISIS.Forum (Via Zoom Webinar)


    Welcoming remarks

    Mr Herizal Hazri
    Chief Executive
    Institute of Strategic & International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia

    H.E. Dr Justin Lee
    High Commissioner of Australia to Malaysia

    Opening remarks

    Dr Tobias Feakin
    Cyber affairs and Critical technologies
    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

    Session 1: Digital Transformation and infrastructure

    1010-1125 (UTC+8) : Session 1

    Digital Transformation and infrastructure

    Malaysia’s 5G aspirations have seen major U-turns, raising questions about the government’s current plan to rollout 5G through a special purpose vehicle.

    Join us to discuss the prospects and best practices for Malaysia’s 5G development, and potential areas for confidence and capacity building between nations that can contribute to economic prosperity and security in cyberspace.


    Mr Edwin Yapp
    Freelance journalist;
    Consultant, Tech Research Asia;
    Owner, InSight Editorial Services

    Mr Rajiv Shah
    International Cyber Policy Centre
    Australian Strategic Policy Institute


    Ms Farlina Said
    Foreign Policy and Security Studies (FPSS)
    Institute of Strategic & International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia


    Ms Izzah Ibrahim
    Foreign Policy and Security Studies (FPSS)
    Institute of Strategic & International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia

    Session 2: Securing ICT infrastructure of the future

    1145-1250 (UTC+8)Session 2

    Securing ICT infrastructure of the future

    As technology advances, the government and private sector need to develop technological and regulatory practices to protect users and systems while ensuring sovereignty and stability in cyberspace.

    Join us to discuss potential threats and governance regimes needed to protect users and systems, and best practices and considerations to secure cyberspace for governments and the private sector.


    Lt Col (R) Sazali Sukardi
    Senior Vice President, Strategic Research
    Cybersecurity Malaysia

    Ms Jennifer Stockwell
    National Cyber Security Principal
    Telstra Australia


    Ms Azleyna Ariffin
    Principal Assistant Director, Cyber Legal Integration Division
    National Cyber Security Agency (NACSA)
    National Security Council


    Mr Harris Zainul
    Senior Analyst
    Economics, Trade and Regional Integration (ETRI)
    Institute of Strategic & International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia

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