Korea’s New Southern Policy: Motivations, Aspirations, and Implications

    Date 11 October 2018
    Time 10:00am
    Venue ISIS Malaysia

    Center for ASEAN-India Studies
    Korea National Diplomatic Academy

    “Moon Jae-in’s government launched a new foreign policy initiative that intends to dramatically strengthen its bilateral cooperation and relationship with ASEAN countries and India in the coming future. Dubbed as “New Southern Policy”, this new initiative aims to elevate South Korea’s partnership with ASEAN and India to a heightened level of shared values and interests. Placing unprecedented emphasis on relations with ASEAN and India, the new policy envisages a common future that is built on forging strong people-to-people ties, sharing sustainable prosperity, and securing peace and stability in this part of the world. In this talk, Wongi Choe will discuss the motivations, aspirations and policy implications of South Korea’s new policy initiative.

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