Global Maritime Challenges : Strategic Challenges and Perspectives for Malaysia

    Date 03 September 2019
    Time 10:00am
    Venue Conference Room, ISIS Malaysia

    The oceans of the world are becoming increasingly focused upon for global interests emerging from states and wider international economic and political institutional dimensions. Seaborne trade and navigation continue to be the main strategic perspective including the continuing evolving of claims of states to ocean resources. The strategic dimensions of Malaysia are critical here with the nation surrounded by seas in seaborne trade and navigation linked to oceans, such as the Strait of Malacca and the South China Sea.

    In the face of these challenges, Dr Rawindaran Nair focused his presentation on emerging ideas on the global institutional participation of states, specifically Malaysia, through international instruments such as UNCLOS 1982 and the wider navigational rules applied through the IMO related to ship operations. These relate to ideas on how states in their sovereign perspective, attempt to give definition to global challenges of seaborne navigation to secure their wider economic interests. The talk looked at key recommendations for all stakeholders – policymakers, government agencies, maritime and shipping related private sector players – that will allow Malaysia to seize and maximise its competitive advantage in the global maritime domain.

    1000 – 1030 Arrival of guests and registration
    1030 – 1035 Welcoming Remarks by
    Mr Thomas Daniel
    Senior Analyst
    Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia
    1005 – 1045 Presentation by
    Dr Rawindaran Nair
    Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, United Kingdom
    1135 – 1230 Question and answer session
    1230 End

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