Common Security in the Islamic World

    Date 29 August 2019
    Time 9:00am
    Venue Conference Room, ISIS Malaysia
    Status By invitation

    Presentation by
    HE Dr Mohammad Javad Zarif
    Foreign Affairs Minister
    Islamic Republic of Iran

    Iranian Foreign Minister Dr Mohammad Javad Zarif visited ISIS Malaysia on 29 August 2019 to deliver an address titled “Common Security in the Islamic World.” A career diplomat, he led Iran’s negotiations with the P5+1 countries in producing the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the “Iran nuclear deal” lifting sanctions against Iran), from which the US recently withdrew. Dr Javad Zarif’s wide-ranging address touched on Iran’s position in West Asia, its relations with its neighbours, and the challenges posed by the Trump administration. He noted the changing centre of global power towards a “post-polar” environment, and the need for solidarity in the developing world and the Islamic world to ensure greater peace with security through dialogue and inclusiveness.

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