Science diplomacy and sustainability


    It gives me profound pleasure to welcome you to increase your understanding of the domains of science diplomacy and sustainability, and of their realities in the pursuit of sustainable development for present and future generations.

    With humanity facing increasingly tougher global challenges today, science diplomacy has become the crucial tool for tackling and addressing them. The scientific community needs to develop the capacity to bring relevant scientific knowledge to society and decision-makers for the purposes of new governance of planet Earth, and thus make us become a more resilient society.

    I would like to congratulate Prof. Tan Sri Zakri, the Fifth Holder of the Tun Hussein Onn Chair (THOC) in International Studies at ISIS, Malaysia, for his incessant efforts and contributions to bring about public awareness of science diplomacy, and also help to metamorphosize it into reality that many are now beginning to see.

    This book, a sequel volume containing opinions from 2020 to the present, provides an excellent read, and serves as a remarkable expounder on the genesis of science diplomacy and its impacts in action on global crises such as climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.

    In line with ISIS Malaysia’s active engagement in Track Two diplomacy, I am very pleased for ISIS to extend its assistance in the publication of this book.
    I trust the book will serve as an important research tool and knowledge for society, help to advance further the domains of science diplomacy and sustainability, and promote the exchange of views and opinions at both the national and international levels.

    Professor Dr. Mohd. Faiz Abdullah
    Institute of Strategic & International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia

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