Making SDGs Matter: Leaving No One Behind

    Author(s): Edited by Alizan Mahadi & Nazran Zhafri

    Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a vision to end poverty and hunger, accelerate climate action and environmental protection, and move towards a more peaceful and just world.

    However, SDGs, as a global framework that aims to govern through goals, is unique in the sense that it is unlike other legally binding international instruments. Its implementation will require deliberate actions by actors within and across issue areas and policy domains to ensure its effectiveness.

    This book seeks to explore the implementation of the SDGs and understand both why and how it is utilised in the complex policy landscape at the domestic level. Towards this end, it asks two basic questions: Firstly, are SDGs relevant at the domestic level to the issue areas identified within this book? Secondly, how or how could the SDGs be utilised towards addressing the challenges identified?

    By using this approach, and from the bigger picture point of view, it will also contribute to understanding to what extent can the SDGs achieve its lofty aims. As the SDGs enter its final ten years, the focus on understanding and demystifying its utility and influence in implementation is crucial.

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