With demand for Covid-19 vaccines fast outstripping supply in Southeast Asia, governments are racing not just to secure vaccines but also to administer them. At the same time, vaccine diplomacy adds a significant new dimension in regional strategic calculations.

Below is our take on the issue.

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    Healthcare resilience: Malaysia’s year into the pandemic – tried and tested

    COVID-19 has tested and stressed healthcare systems worldwide. How has Malaysia fared after a year of the pandemic? In a recent ISIS Malaysia webinar, prominent healthcare experts reviewed and explored the effects of COVID-19 on the Malaysian healthcare system, one year on.  

    View the webinar

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    Let’s talk about Covid vaccine passports

    by Harris Zainul

    As the ‘vaccine passport’ debate heats up, Harris Zainul reminds us that we must find balance between resuming travel and public health interests.

    Read his article



Dr Khor Swee Kheng

Dr Jerome Kim

Ambassador Igor Driesmans

Dr Mely Caballero-Anthony

Major General Qian Lihua

Dr Anna Powles



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