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Editorial Letter

This ISIS Focus on digital rights has been long in the making. From the first virtual workshop held during MCO 2.0 in early January 2022 to the time of writing in May – the final product has gone through Malaysia in lockdown, transition towards endemicity and a new government. The six writers here have explored digital rights, ranging from a conceptual framework to the right to access and digital inclusivity.

They also touch on the risks of a data-rich environment, necessity of having technologists on board in discussions about digital rights, concerns over the privatisation of free speech and protecting women in digital spaces. A whole-of-society approach needs to be considered.

We are most grateful to Global Partners Digital for the opportunity to produce this ISIS Focus and its support. Malaysia was on a positive trajectory for digital adoption even prior to the pandemic. Through this issue, we hope to contribute to a developing discourse on protecting Malaysians online.

Data-centred rights to forefront
By Dr Tan Jun-E 

What are digital rights?

Digital rights as part of Malaysia’s digital transformation
By Dr Rachel Gong

Society should take lead on digital rights
By Dr Moonyati Yatid 

Seize control of your ‘digital twins’
By Maryam Lee 

Digital juridiction in Malaysia

Speech mustn’t fall under social media giants’ purview
By Harris Zainul 

Internet still too toxic for women
By Tashny Sukumaran 

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