Angeline Tan was quoted by Sin Chew Daily

China’s “peaceful development” has led to its astonishing economic growth. In recent years, this has led the United States  to believe that China is a growing threat and has prompted a trade war. However, scholars believe that China is not trying to be the ‘World’s Big Brother’.  

Speaking at a Higher Education Malaysian Association (HEYA) webinar, Angeline Tan says that China is determined to promote the success of its development path. In realising the ‘China Dream’ or ‘National Rejuvenation’, China wants to become a stronger country. In ‘becoming strong’, the biggest misconception about China today is that it has the ambition to be the biggest and most powerful country in the world. 

Since 1949, the New China’s foreign policy has been dedicated to safeguarding the legitimacy of the Communist Party of China. There is an intricate link between foreign policy and the domestic situation. Angeline explains that in order to maintain the Party’s strong position, the CCP needs to prove that it not only represents China’s past, but is also the key to its future growth and development. “This is one of the reasons why they celebrated the centenary anniversary of the founding of the party this year in such a high-profile manner.” 

In responding to global criticisms, China has been responding with what is dubbed “Wolf Warrior” diplomacy. However, Angeline pointed out that China is not trying to create a hostile relationship but is just “trying to be itself”. 

This article was first published by Sin Chew Daily on 29 Dec 2021 

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