Associate Professor of International Relations
Thammasat University, Thailand

Event status: By Invitation only

Date: 30 July 2018
Time: 10.00am
Venue : ISIS Malaysia


Over the past 14 years, the conflict in Thailand’s southern provinces has claimed 7,000 lives, caused numerous injuries, hindered economic and social development and created an atmosphere of mistrust among the population. While there have been several attempts at peace talks which have continued under the current Prayuth Chan-ocha administration, various factors, such as disunity among the insurgents and the closing down of political space at the national level have posed significant challenges to any initiative to resolve the conflict. Dr Chanintira na Thalang will present an overview of the current situation, dissect the complexities of the conflict and highlight the main obstacles and opportunities for pursuing a peaceful resolution. She will also examine the impact of the conflict on inter-ethnic relations at the communal level.

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