Dr Andy Sumner
Reader in International Development
King’s College London


Few developing countries have experienced a truly sustained episode of convergence towards the characteristics of the advanced nations since the Second World War. The region of the world that has gone the furthest in that convergence is East Asia. This presentation focuses on transformation in Southeast Asia. Historically it has been thought that structural change tends to push up inequality, whilst inclusive growth necessitates static or even falling inequality. The puzzle is thus: How did Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand achieve transformation with a form of economic growth that was driven by structural change and which was ‘inclusive’ in a distributional sense? Understanding how the transformation was possible in a relatively small space of time, the extent to which it was inclusive and the caveats and prospects ahead for Southeast Asia is an area of enquiry of significance to all developing countries.

Date: 6 June 2017
Venue : ISIS Conference Room, Level 2

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