By HE Dr Riad Malki

Foreign Minister of the State of Palestine

About the Speaker

HE Dr Riad Malki has held the portfolio as Foreign Minister of the State of Palestine since September 2007. He was the former Minister of Information and Government spokesperson, and former Minister of Justice. Dr Malki was the head and founder of Panorama, the Palestinian Centre for the Dissemination of Democracy and Community Development. He was awarded the European Peace Prize in 2000 in Copenhagen, the Democracy Courage Award in 2004, and the Italian Peace Prize (Lombardi) in 2005. He is the coordinator of the Arab Program for Democracy Promotion and Development. Dr Malki earned his civil engineering degree from Pontifical Xavierian University Colombia, in 1978 and a PhD in civil engineering at the American University.

Date: 19 August 2016
Venue : ISIS Conference Room, Level 2

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