1. Strategic Update South Asia by Prof William Maley
  2. Reflections on Canadas Engagement with Asia by Dr James A Boutilier
  3. Iran Debates Its Regional Role by Dr Nasser Hadian
  4. Human Insecurity – Confronting Displacement and Trafficking by Prof William Maley
  5. Energy Prices, Climate Change & Geopolitics – What’s Next by Dr Frank Umbach
  6. Denuclearization of the DPRK and China’s Role by Dr Zhu Feng


  1. Energy Prices, Climate CHange and Geopolitics by Ambassador Rae Kwon Chung
  2. Energy Prices, Climate CHange and Geopolitics by Dr Frank Umbach
  3. ICRC perspectives on the humanitarian needs of migrants by Simla Ramphul
  4. Latin America Moving by Amb. Carlos Felix Corona
  5. South China Sea Disputes, A New Framework by Prof David A Welch
  6. Strategic Update Europe by Dr May-Britt U Stumbaum

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