Prof Dr Ir Rokhmin Dahuri
Chairman for Maritime and Fisheries Affairs
Central Leadership Board
Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle

Date: 23 February 2016
Venue: ISIS Conference Room (2nd Floor)


President Jokowi’s administration has released a maritime doctrine with the vision of transforming Indonesia into a global maritime fulcrum (blue economy). This concept is relatively new for an archipelagic country with abundance marine and fishery resources. Some important issues related to this  maritime doctrine such as fisheries industries, shipping and port facilities, tourism, energy and biotechnology will be discussed further by the speaker Prof. Dr Rokhmin Dahuri. He is the ex-minister for Marine and Fisheries Ministry of Indonesia and a key figure in proposing a robust maritime connectivity and forging of regional corporation with its immediate neighbors like Malaysia, Australia, China, Japan, India and United States. The global maritime fulcrum policy serves as Jokowi’s centrepiece policy, focuses on domestic reform agenda and speaks of revitalizing national pride.

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