The ASEAN+ Young Leaders Summit (AYLS) 2015 which involves young leaders from ASEAN and its dialogue partners provide an optimal platform for participants from diverse backgrounds to interact, discuss and brainstorm the various pertinent issues and challenges facing the region, particularly matters that concern the youth. This kind of engagement and being responsive  to the needs of the youth in this region is vital in creating  a genuine as well as sustainable ASEAN Community. In addition, it is hoped that AYLS will enhance the awareness of the ASEAN identity amongst the younger generation through-out the region.

ASEAN+ Young Leaders Summit (AYLS) 2015 was divided into three main sections – Colloquium, Peer-to-Peer Dialogue and Community-Based Project. Unlike any other summits, AYLS 2015 aims to utilise multiple platforms to spur ideation, discussions and debates toward the end goal of formulating a Youth Manifesto For ASEAN. This Manifesto was presented to the ASEAN Heads of Government at the 27th  ASEAN Summit on 21st November 2015.

300 delegates from more than 15 countries, divided into the four pillars: Leadership, Volunteerism, Entrepreneurship and Education and Employment  interacted with prominent leaders, the local community and their peers during the 3-day summit. ISIS Malaysia was the Ministry’s programmatic partner in this event.

Date: 18th – 20th November 2015
Venue: Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) Kuala Lumpur

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