By Dr Michael S Northcott, Professor of Ethics, School of Divinity,University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  

Date:    13 August 2015
Venue:    ISIS Conference Room  


The reality of the environmental crisis in the age of the Anthropocene calls for new virtues and international governance. In this Forum on ethical responsibility and climate change, Professor Northcott will illustrate how ethical analysis contributes to our understanding of five central areas of international climate policy: the treatment of scientific uncertainty, responsibility for past emissions, the setting of mitigation targets, and the roles of adaptation measures in the policy portfolio. He will also contextualise the place of climate policy within wider approaches to global justice, environmental ethics, and the ethics of human well-being.

ADMISSION IS FREE.  Please confirm your participation via fax or e-mail not later than Monday, 10 August 2015 to: RSVP: Tel: 603 2693 9366 ext. 128; 603-2693 2060 (DL) Fax: 603 2691 3210
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