29th APR Proceedings

29th Asia-Pacific Roundtable Papers, 1-3 June 2015
(The papers are in their original, unedited form)

  1. Keynote Address by The Hon. Dato’ MOHD NAJIB Tun Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of    Malaysia (322 KB)   
  2. The Five Big Geopolitical Questions by Prof Kishore MAHBUBANI (305 KB)     
  3. The Search for Security in the Asia Pacific: Implications for Future Stability by Dr Ken JIMBO (5,377 KB)
  4. China’s Plan for Prosperity and Stability in Asia and Beyond by Amb ZHA Peixin (301 KB)
  5. China’s New Security Initiatives Under Xi Jinping: Competing and Completing Visions of Asia by Dr Madhu BHALLA. (281 KB)
  6. China’s New Strategic Initiatives: Implications for Southeast Asia by Prof Dr Aileen S P    BAVIERA  (371 KB)
  7. Distinguished Luncheon Address – The European Unions’ Security Architecture and Its Role to Strength Peace and Security by General Patrick de ROUSIERS (265 KB)
  8. ASEAN’s Community Building Process by Dr N HASSAN Wirajuda (358 KB)
  9. The ASEAN Community Beyond 2015 by Prof Emeritus Dr Carolina G HERNANDEZ (319 KB)  
  10. Strengthening Mutual Confidence & Promoting Maritime Cooperation by Senior Colonel ZHOU Bo (2,676 KB) 
  11. Southeast Asia: Naval Capabilities and Regional Cooperative Mechanisms by Dr Vijay SAKHUJA (287 KB) 
  12. Measuring Cyber Warfare by Dr XU Longdi (299 KB)
  13. Cyber Conflict Is Simply a Question of When, Not If by Prof Dr Motohiro TSUCHIYA (289 KB)
  14. New Security Frontiers: The Resource Nexus Challenge by Prof Dr Brahma CHELLANEY (261 KB)
  15. The Global Resource Nexus and Its Relevance to the Asia-Pacific Region by Dr Philip ANDREWS-SPEED (386 KB)
  16. Resources and Security: The Asia Pacific in the Early Twenty First Century  by Prof Dr Ross Garnaut (714 KB) 
  17. The New Post-TPP Economic Order in the Asia-Pacific by Amb Yoshiji NOGAMI (347 KB)
  18. The Geopolitics of Regional EPAs by Dato’ Steven Wong (310 KB) 
  19. REI Architecture and Issues in the Asia-Pacific by Dr Il Houng LEE (1,449 KB) 
  20. Indonesia’s 2014 Elections: Practical Innovations and Optimistic Outcomes by Dr Philips J VERMONTE (378 KB) 
  21. Surveying the Southeast Asian Political Terrain by Dr Nicholas FARRELLY (385 KB)
  22. From Security Architecture to Security Order: Prospects for Cooperative Security 2.0 by Prof Dr Paul EVANS (271 KB)
  23. Regional Security Architecture in Transition and Ways Forward by Dr TRAN Viet Thai (421 KB)
  24. Calibrating Regional Security Architecture by Prof Dr Anthony MILNER (301 KB)
  25. A New Arms Race in Sight?  ̶  A Qualitative Assessment of the Current Geopolitical Rivalry in East Asia by Dr Zhexin ZHANG (350 KB) 
  26. Radicalism Redux: Bigger, Badder, Bolder by Dr Iftekhar Ahmed CHOWDHURY (313 KB) 
  27. The Complexity Around Southeast Asians Foreign Fighters by Noor Huda ISMAIL (446 KB)
  28. Countering Violent Extremist Narratives by Dato’ SAIFUDDIN Abdullah (283 KB)
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