By Prof Shinichi Kitaoka, President, International University of Japan

Date: 16 March 2015
Venue: ISIS Conference Room


Today’s world seems to be moving into an era of new geopolitics: Russia is returning to its traditional assertive policy; Europe is suffering from the cost of integration; the Middle East is threatened by the rise of ISIL; US is now downsizing its role as the policeman of the world; religious and ethnic conflicts are on the rise globally; and the UN is not functioning effectively. In East Asia, the most dynamic region of the world, DPRK still continues its nuclear armament and missile program; China is expanding in both the South and East China Sea and strengthening its control over neighboring countries through economic and political measures; so-called historical issues are still preventing reconciliation in north East Asia. Professor Kitaoka will explain how Japan is trying to cope with these changes under the Abe administration.

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