28th Asia-Pacific Roundtable Papers, 2-4 June 2014
(The papers are in their original, unedited form)

  1. Keynote Address by The Hon. Dato’ MOHD NAJIB Tun Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia (4,900 KB)
  2. Opportunities and Challenges in Constructing a Peaceful and Prosperous Region: A Japanese Perspective by The Hon. Mr. Norio MITSUYA (2,584 KB)
  3. The ‘New Type of Major Power Relationship’: an Analysis of the American Response by Prof. Dr. Andrew J. NATHAN (1,281 KB)
  4. Small Wars in East Asia by Prof. Tomohide MURAI (1,273KB)
  5. Fostering Peace and Managing Security in the Asia Pacific by Prof. Dr. KIM Sung-han (1,281KB)
  6. Economic Reforms in Myanmar: Challenges, Opportunities, Dividends and Consequences by Dr. Zaw Oo (3134 KB)
  7. Myanmar’s Political and Economic Reforms by Mr. SOE Myint (1,349 KB)
  8. ASEAN’S Post-2015 Agenda: Strengthening and Deepening Community-building by HE Mr. ONG Keng Yong (1,314 KB)
  9. ASEAN’S Post-2015 Agenda: Strengthening and Deepening Community-building by HE Mr. David TAYLOR (1,327 KB)
  10. Beyond Territoriality: Managing the Maritime Commons in the South China Sea by Prof. Emeritus Dr. Carlyle A. Thayer (1,308 KB)
  11. Navigational Safety and Coordinated Search and Rescue Mission in South China Sea by Dr. Vijay SAKHUJA (3,487 KB)
  12. Yes, Japan is Back. Japan’s Proactive Contribution to Peace and Prosperity in the Asia-Pacific Region by Amb. Yoshiji NOGAMI (1,252 KB)
  13. Is Japan Back? by Prof. Dr. Richard J. SAMUELS (1,315 KB)
  14. Back to the Future? Japan’s Search for a Meaningful Role in the Emerging Regional Order by Prof. Dr. T.J. PEMPEL (2,231 KB)
  15. The Dynamics of India’s Rise: National Imperatives and International Aspirations by Dr. Manjol JOSHI (1,266 KB)
  16. Rise and Fall of the Manmohan Doctrine by Mr. Pramit Pal CHAUDHURI (1,272 KB)
  17. How Will India Seek to Assert Its Influence in the Global Arena in the Next Ten Years? by Dr. Ian HALL (1,506 KB)
  18. Thailand’s Political Future by Mr. Bunn NAGARA (1,370 KB)
  19. Closing Remarks by Tan Sri RASTAM Mohd Isa (1,261 KB)
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