Edited by Dr Hezri Adnan, ISIS Malaysia in collaboration with Abdul Samad Hadi, Aldrie Amir, and Sarah Aziz from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Published in Kuala Lumpur by UKM Press.

251 pages (2013) ISBN 978-967-412-165-5

Available from Penerbit UKM at http://www.ukm.my/penerbit

As a development framework, sustainability offers a most promising choice of path to development for it gives a development matrix that balances the triple bottom line – the environment, the society, and the economics. More importantly, the pillars are to be viewed within broader spaces of humanity. In seventeen chapters, this book presents assorted views and insights on the various dimensions of sustainable development in Malaysia and beyond. The chapters draw on a range of disciplinary perspectives encompassing human geography, environmental chemistry, anthropology, development economics, law, urban studies and planning, forestry, public policy, geology and last but not least, ecology. Together the writings celebrate the intellectual acceptance of multi-disciplinarity as an important if not the only approach to address the complexity of sustainability both in theory and in practice. To implement the rich blend of ideas presented in this volume, the triple bottom line needs to be governed so that sustainability as a process is allowed to progress.

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