1. Tengku Dato’ Ab. Ghafar bin Tengku Mohamed
    Former Director General of the National Security Division, Prime Minister’s Department and the Secretary of National Security Council
  2. Prof Dr Kamarulzaman Askandar
    Coordinator, Research and Education for Peace (REP), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Date : 23 November 2012
Venue: ISIS Conference Room, Kuala Lumpur

Admission is free. Please confirm your participation via fax or e-mail not later than 21 November 2012 to:
RSVP: Tel: 603 2693 9366 ext 179/147/; 2693 2060; Fax: 03 2691 3210 Email: maria@isis.org.my or Hanafi@isis.org.my


For decades, the Muslim Moro peoples have locked horns with the Philippines government for greater autonomy over the governance of Mindanao. Over the last forty years, this struggle has deteriorated into a bloody and costly armed conflict. The recently concluded framework peace agreement between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) presents the best chance for peace to take root in southern Philippines. The creation of the Bangsamoro homeland is a step in the right direction but peace and stability is still fragile and much work remains to be done. This forum discusses the Malaysian-facilitated framework peace settlement between the MILF and the Philippine government, with focus on how the framework will be implemented and the possible challenges ahead.

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