25th Asia Pacific Roundtable Papers, 30 May – 1 June 2011
(The papers are in their original, unedited form in PDF format or power-point)
  1. Opening remarks by Mr Dang Dinh Quy (96.4 KB)
  2. ‘Reflections on Southeast Asia and the Broader Region’: keynote address by the Hon. Tan Sri Dato’ Hj. Muhyiddin bin Hj. Mohd Yassin, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia (18 KB)
  3. China is a Big Country, Other Countries are Small Countries: Analyzing the Facts of Power Asymmetry by Aileen S.P. Baviera (221 KB)
  4. The Rise of China’s Power and International Relations by Chu Shulong and Feng Feng (112 KB)
  5. US-China Relations: Strategic Dimensions and Challenges by Zhe Sun (1,345 KB)
  6. Are China and the US on a Collision Course by Harry Harding (127 KB)
  7. U.S.-China Relations and East Asian Security: a Japanese Perspective by Yoshihide Soeya (213 KB)
  8. Rethinking the ZOPFAN in the Post Cold War Era by Hasjim Djalal (206 KB)
  9. Rethinking the Zone of Peace Freedom and Neutrality (ZOPFAN) in the Post-Cold War Era by Robert Ayson (218 KB)
  10. Institutional Connectivity and the AEC Blueprint by Ponciano Intal (516 KB)
  11. Physical Connectivity and the East Asian Economy by Fukunari Kimura (2,234 KB)
  12. The ADMM Plus: Yet Another Layer in the Region’s Dense Security Architecture? : A Perspective from the Philippines by Raymund Jose G. Quilop (311 KB)
  13. Securing the Maritime Commons: The Role of Regional Navies by Admiral Robert F. Willard (389 KB)
  14. North Korea: the Logic of Survival by Andrei Lankov (167 KB)
  15. Negative Aspects on Naval Enhancement of North East Asian Region: Emerged Regional Concerns with China and Russia by Hideaki Kaneda (202 KB)
  16. Asia’s Naval Arms Race by Desmond Ball (198 KB)
  17. Asia’s Naval Arms Race: Myth or Reality? by Zhang Junshe (191 KB)
  18. Wikileaks: Implications for Diplomacy and Intelligence Exchange by Mushahid Ali (231 KB)
  19. Wikileaks: Implications for Diplomacy and Intelligence Exchange by Rowan Callick (134 KB)
  20. Recent Trends in Armed Conflicts: New Challenges for Humanitarian Actors: Luncheon talk by Alain Aeschlimann (126 KB)
  21. Remarks by HE Shigeru Nakamura at Dinner Talk hosted by Japan (168 KB)
  22. Programme of 25th Asia-Pacific Roundtable (13,313 KB)
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