“…China should become “a China of Asia” and Asia should not become “an Asia of China”…’ by  Dr Ma Ying, Prof and Director of Asia-Pacific Studies, Shanghai Institute for International Studies, China

“…Two most important actions and policies the Chinese can take to alleviate the problem of her credibility are:

  1. To be more transparent…
  2. To become a trustful member and leader of regional institutions…”

by Mr. Jusuf Wanandi, Vice Chair, Board of Trustee, CSIS Foundation, Indonesia.

“…If there is a flaw  in the Chinese approach, however it is the assumption that Deng’s low key strategy can survive domestic and external expectations…”

by Dr Michael J. Green, Associate Prof of International Relations, Georgetown University, Senior Advisor and Japan Chair, Centre for  Strategic and International Studies, Washington, D.C.

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