Towards a New Asia


On December 19,1992, a group of Asians met in Kuala Lumpur and decided to establish what they called the “Commission for a New Asia”. They came from virtually every corner of this vast continent, from virtually every direction of the ideological compass, from virtually every religious belief and from the widest range of career backgrounds.

The result, after four meetings and one year of surprisingly easy effort, is this Report entitled “Towards a New Asia”. Some have called it a 2020 Vision for Asia, a roadmap to a better Asian future, or even a manifesto for an Asian Renaissance. There is need for a quieter, more Asian, humility.

We of the Commission have a sense of calm confidence for we believe that our modest intellectual efforts do connect with the realities of this moment in time and with the times yet to come.

Ideas have power where they flow with the tide of objective forces. Our ideas for an Asian Renaissance do flow with the tide of Asian resurgence that has already begun. There will be the return of history – to the times when Asia was the cradle of human civilisation.

We hope that in some small way, our work will contribute to this return of history – and to the rise of a New Asia.

Commission for a New Asia
13th January, 1994


Chapter One: Premises and principles
Chapter Two: Building a community of cooperative peace and security
Chapter Three: Winning the struggle for human rights and responsibilities
Chapter Four: Towards productive and sustainable political democracy and the rule of law
Chapter Five: The fight for productivity and competitiveness
Chapter Six: The achievement of dynamic, robust and sustainable growth with social justice
Chapter Seven: The challenge of social and psychological transformation
Biodata of Members of Commission for a New Asia

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