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Japan’s Security Policy in the Post-Cold War Era – Towards the Enhancement of its Security Roles (1996)

This study suggests that Japan should play a more positive security role in the Asia-Pacific region in the post-Cold War era. It also explains the historical background and components of Japan’s defence policy. The author introduces various roles Japan could play – economic, political, diplomatic and defence – which are regarded as security roles in the context of “comprehensive security”.

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Communication Handbook for Malaysian and Japanese Managers (1996)

The objective of this study is to publish a handy booklet which will provide guidelines for Malaysian and Japanese managers to communicate and understand each other better in their work environment.

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Human Resource Development in Malaysia – Japan’s Contribution Since 1980 (1994)

This study on Japan’s contribution to Human Resource Development in Malaysia followed the recommendation of the Japan-Malaysia Advisory Group of the Center for Japan Studies at ISIS Malaysia. It focused on the education and training programmes offered by Japan to Malaysian students and trainees. The core of the study was a survey conducted by means of questionnaires given to a large number of participants of the training and education programmes.

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Managing Urban Transportation and its Environmental Impact: Transferring the Japanese Experience to Malaysia (1992)

Examines Japan’s urban planning as well as its policy implementation system particularly with regard to urban transportation. Among the issues covered are, the improvement in terms of convenience and efficiency of the public transportation system, betterment of traffic control systems and traffic law, and reduction in pollution related to transportation.

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