Title : The Tragedy That Didn’t Happen. Malaysia’s crisis management and capital controls
Author : Dr Marie Aimee Tourres
Pages : 338

Summary : The book has several distinct aims. Most important, it gives the background to, and an account of, Malaysia’s response to the 1997 Asian crisis. By taking the reader through the Malaysian crisis management process, it exposes the reader to the long road that the government had had to tread in order to get out of the woods. This book casts a bird’s-eye view over Malaysia’s crisis management period and provides a basis that can help improve our understanding of the situation. The material presented is mainly descriptive in nature. Though this is a book dealing with economics, emphasis is not placed on statistics, and tables and charts are kept to a minimum. It is addressed to those who wish to understand what lay behind the international headlines after July 1997, as far as Malaysia is concerned, and portrays a mixture of theory, analysis, accounts and anecdotes of Malaysia’s crisis management and its experience with capital controls.

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