24th Asia Pacific Roundtable Papers, 7-9 June 2010
(The papers are in their original, unedited form in PDF format or power-point)
  1. Speech by Mr. Hidetoshi Nishimra, Executive Director of ERIA at the Welcoming dinner (194 KB)
  2. Keynote address the Hon. Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia (233 KB)
  3. Closing Address by the Hon. Tan Sri Muhyiddin bin Haji Mohd Yassin, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia (357 KB)
  4. China’s Relations with Asia: Past, Present and Future by Ma Ying (301 KB)
  5. China’s Relations with Asia by Jusuf Wanandi (441 KB)
  6. The Rise of China and Beijing’s Future Relations with Asia: Lessons of History by Michael J. Green (446 KB)
  7. Dawn of an Asian Century? by Mohamed Jawhar Hassan (301 KB)
  8. Enhancing Connectivity: Comprehensive Asia Development Plan by Fukunari Kimura and So Umezaki (22 KB)
  9. Assessing ASEAN Economic Integration and Initiatives for ASEAN Connectivity by Dionisius Narjoko, Fukunari Kimura and Ponciano Intal (650 KB)
  10. Global Climate Regime & GG by Rae-kwon Chung (498 KB)
  11. Addressing Climate Change: Moving Towards COP16 by Hartmut Grewe (318 KB)
  12. US Policy Towards Southeast Asia: A New Paradigm? by Rizal Sukma (352 KB)
  13. Is Myanmar Changing Or Has Myanmar Changed Us? by Kyaw Tint Swe (248 KB)
  14. The Myanmar Quandary: Fluctuating Approaches Absent Domestic Change? by Christopher Roberts (661 KB)
  15. Is Myanmar Changing Or Has Myanmar Changed Us? by Xavier Nuttin  (319 KB)
  16. India’s Engagement with East Asia by Sudhir T. Devare (291 KB)
  17. India’s Engagement with East Asia: A Chinese Perspective by Li Li (22 KB)
  18. India and East Asia by Manu Bhaskaran (465 KB)
  19. Enhancing Maritime Security in the Asia Pacific Region by Vijay Sakhuja (22 KB)
  20. Enhancing Maritime Security: Law Enforcement in Malaysia by Zulkifili bin Abu Bakar (22 KB)
  21. Military Activities in Asian EEZs: Conflict Ahead? by Mark J. Valencia (2,559 KB)
  22. Thunder Out of Asia: Reflections on an Increasingly Problematic Maritime Environment by James A. Boutilier (576 KB)
  23. Making the Responsibility to Protect Work in the Asia Pacific by Gareth Evans (286 KB)
  24. Protection of Civilians as Entry Point for R2P in Asia by Mely Caballero-Anthony (303 KB)
  25. Two Approaches of Protection: RtoP and Human Security by Toshiya Hoshino (663 KB)
  26. The Ways to Ensure the Permanent Peace and Security in the Korean Peninsula by So Ki Sok (22 KB)
  27. Prospects for Peace on the Korean Peninsula: No Success Before Succession? Bby Ralph A. Cossa (291 KB)
  28. Prospects for Peace in the Korean Peninsula by Cheon Seongwhun (333 KB)
  29. Korean Peninsula Prospects for Political Settlement by Georgy Toloraya (330 KB)
  30. Counterinsurgency and Nation building in Afghanistan: Challenges and Prospects by William Maley (318 KB)
  31. Canada’s Engagement in Afghanistan by Ken Lewis (1,198 KB)
  32. Counterinsurgency and Nation building in Afghanistan: Challenges and Prospects by Robert Ayson (345 KB)
  33. Programme of 24th Asia-Pacific Roundtable.  (1,731 KB)
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