22nd Asia Pacific Roundtable Papers, 3-5 June 2008

(PDF files & Power Point files)

  1. Keynote address by the Honourable Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (227 KB)

  2. The United States and the Asia-Pacific: Issues for 2009 by Robert G. Sutter (65.9 KB)

  3. Post-Election U.S.: A New Foreign Policy Era? by Charles E. Morrison (681 KB)

  4. China After the 17th CPC National Congress: Domestic Reform and Foreign Policy by Ma Zhengang (199 KB)

  5. China’s Foreign Policy After the 17th Party Congress by Rizal Sukma (230 KB)

  6. Asean and Myanmar: the Way Forward: Opening Remarks by Piero Fassino (117 KB)

  7. Asean and Myanmar: the Way Forward by Xavier Nuttin (50.2 KB)

  8. Asean and Myanmar: the Way Forward by Than Than Htay (166 KB)

  9. Asean-Burma (Myanmar): the Way Forward by Kavi Chongkittavorn (1.70 MB)

  10. Is Myanmar Opening Up? by Simon SC Tay (93.9 KB)

  11. The Asean Regional Forum: Pathways to Progress by Carolina G. Hernandez (325 KB)

  12. The Asean Regional Forum: Pathways to Progress – the Road Ahead by Ralph Cossa (377 KB)

  13. The Asean Regional Forum: Pathways to Progress by Zhang Xuegang (332 KB)

  14. The Evolution of the Asean Regional Forum: Problems and Prospects by Takeshi Yuzawa (50.9 KB)

  15. Terrorism in the Asia-Pacific Region: Contained But Still a Threat by Bronson Percival (52.9 KB)

  16. The Militant and Terrorist Threat in the Asia Pacific: Current Situation and How It Can Be Better Addressed by Andrew T H Tan (123 KB)

  17. Combating Terrorism in Indonesia: Where Are We Exactly Now? by Bahtiar Effendy (155 KB)

  18. Terrorism vs. Political Violence in Southeast Asia: Trends, Threats, Responses by Natasha Hamilton-Hart (62.9 KB)

  19. The Strategic Impact of a Rising India: Prospects and Challenges by Kishan S Rana (383 KB)

  20. Securing and Stability in the South Pacific: Issues and Responses by Stewart Firth (518 KB)

  21. Security in the South Pacific by James A. Veitch (1.27 MB)

  22. Has Japan Lost Its Relevance? by Eiichi Katahara (52.9 KB)

  23. Has Japan Lost Its Relevance? by Chung Min Lee (836 KB)

  24. Is Japan Relevant? by Lee Poh Ping (502 KB)

  25. Is Japan Irrelevant? by Brad Glosserman (57.0 KB)

  26. U.S. Financial Crisis, Spillover to Asia, and Opportunities for Asian Regionalism by C. Randall Henning (34.3 KB)

  27. Strengthening Comprehensive and Cooperative Security in the Asia-Pacific by Prince Samdech Norodom Sirivudh (319 KB)

  28. Rising Russia: Consequences for the Asia Pacific Region by Vitaly Naumkin (66.7 KB)

  29. Re-Emergence of Russia: Implications for the Asia-Pacific Region by R.G. Gidadhubli (31.6 KB)

  30. The trends of Russia-US Relations and Their Impacts on the Relations of Russo-China, Russia-India, and Russia-Kazakhstan by Xu Hongfeng (389 KB)

  31. Upholding Civil Liberties in a Paranoid State: Some Insights from the Philippines by Aries A. Arguay (539 KB)

  32. Civil Liberties or National Security? Rethinking the Question by Victor V. Ramraj (33.8 KB)

  33. Malaysia: Between Nation-State Building and Ethnic-Stake Building by Shamsul A.B. (25.2 KB)

  34. Contemporary Cyber Threats: the Terrorism-Internet Relationship by Maura Conway (27.6 KB)

  35. Cyber Security in East Asia: Governing Anarchy by Nicholas Thomas (163 KB)

  36. Cyber Security: Threat Assessments by Husin Jazri (3.72 MB)

  37. Military Modernization in the Asia-Pacific: Driving a New Arms Race? by Richard A. Bitzinger (60.5 KB)

  38. Military Modernisation in the Asia Pacific: Sowing the Seeds of an Arms Race? by Rahul K Bhonsle (400 KB)

  39. Food Security in the Asia Pacific: Crisis and Response by Joan Fleuren (512 KB)

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