Seventh East Asia Congress Reports, 6-8 December 2009

(PDF files & Power Point files)

  1. Finding New Sources of Growth in East Asia by Chulsu Kim (193 K)

  2. The Challenge of Structural Reforms, the G20 and East Asia by Young Soogil. (147 K)

  3. Outlook for Sovereign Ratings in Asia: Rebuilding Momentum After the Storm by Elena Okorotchenko (164 K)

  4. After the Perfect Storm: Making East Asian Economies More Sustainable by Mohamed Ariff Abdul Kareem (150 K)

  5. Future of the US Dollar and Monetary & Financial Cooperation in East Asia by Masahiro Kawai (70.7 K)

  6. Financial Regulatory Reform and Cooperation among Asian Countries by Jong-Goo Yi (588 K)

  7. Financial Cooperation and the Future of the Dollar in East Asia by Augustine H.H. Tan (249 K)

  8. Where is East Asia in the Knowledge Race? by Said Irandoust (152 K)

  9. Upgrading Knowledge Competitiveness is the New Mission of Higher Education by Jianxin Zhang (690 K)

  10. Where is China in the knowledge Race?: From the Perspective of International Trade by Mao Risheng (155 K)

  11. Authoritarian Deliberation: the Deliberative Turn in Chinese Political Development by HE Baogang and Mark E. Warren (1.47 M)

  12. Democracy, Free Markets and Ethnic Conflict in East Asia by Mohamed Jawhar Hassan (54.7 K)

  13. Pathways and Pitfalls to Good Governance in East Asia by Tin Maung Maung Than (45.5 K)

  14. Is East Asia Regionalism Still Relevant? by Ponciano Intal (523 K)

  15. Rudd’s Proposal for an ‘Asia Pacific Community’: Responses and Criticisms by Baogang He (524 K)

  16. Positioning East Asia in the Post Crisis World: an Indonesian Perspective by S. Wiryono (207 K)

  17. Positioning East Asia in the Post-Crisis World by Nguyen Vu Tung (176 K)

  18. Economic Integration as a Way out for the Post-Crisis East Asia by Wang Yuzhu (188 K)

Seventh East Asia Congress Conference Programme

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