Fourth East Asia Congress Reports, 3-5 December 2006

(PDF files & Power Point files)

  1. “China Threat” Perception: A Major Obstacle to East Asian Community Building by Zhang Xizhen (78 K)

  2. Enhancing East Asian Economic Integration: Strategic Issues, Critical Imperatives by Zhou Qing (136K)

  3. Enhancing East Asian Economic Integration: Some Observations and Notes by J. Soedradjad Djiwandono (134K)

  4. East Asian Economic Integration: Finance to Catch Up Trade by Yonghyup Oh (2,544K)

  5. How to Realize EAFTA: Views from Joint Expert Group by Zhang Yunling (49K)

  6. Early Industrializers and Latecomers in ASEAN: Coping with Japanese and Chinese Manufacturing by Kenichi Ohno (401K)

  7. Reducing EA Development Gap: Strategic Issues by Nattapong Thongpakde (76 K)

  8. Cambodia and Development: Ready for the Opportunity? by Chay Navuth (11,836 K)

  9. Closing the East Asia-Vietnam Economic Development Gap: Strategic Issues and Prospect by Nguyen Dinh Tai (78K)

  10. Promoting Human Development in East Asia: Strategic Issues and Current Imperatives by Aniceto C. Orbeta (104K)

  11. The Asian Identity: China, India and Japan by Eiji Yamashita (61K)

  12. Creating an East Asia Common Identity in a Changing World by Kun Zhai (378K)

  13. Globalisation, Regionalisation and Choices Facing by Ryokichi Hirono (110K)

Fourth East Asia Congress Conference Programme

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