Second East Asia Congress Reports, 28-30 May 2004

(PDF files)

  1. Sustaining East Asia’s Economic Growth and Dynamism: The Macro & Micro Challenges (23K)

  2. An “Expanded” Europe and the Free Trade Area of the Americas: Impact and Responses for East Asia (43K)

  3. Monetary and Financial Cooperation: Specific Proposals for East Asia (16K)

  4. Promoting Labour Mobility in East Asia (14K)

  5. Raising the Standard: Towards Educational Excellence and Innovation in East Asia (26K)

  6. An East Asian Health Early Warning and Response System (16K)

  7. “By Asians, For Asians”: Challenges for East Asia’s Electronic and Broadcast Media (21K)

  8. East Asia: Towards Political Community and Concord (17K)

Second East Asia Congress Conference Programme

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