Bureau of Environment, Science, Technology and Natural Resources (BEST)


The Bureau of Environment, Science, Technology and Natural Resources (BEST) was formed in 1990 to conduct policy research in the areas of science, energy, natural resources and the environment.

Activities in Science and Technology are built upon ISIS’ central role as the Technical Secretariat for the formulation of Malaysia’s Action Plan for Industrial Technology Development, completed in 1990. Current work focuses on the policy framework for the development of technologies, technology reviews, technology planning, forecasting, and benchmarking, and information infrastructure. Members of the Bureau are directly involved in several national-level committees and groups dealing with science and technology development, including the National Council for Scientific Research and Development (MPKSN) and the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology.


Natural Resources and the Environment currently forms the major focus of the Bureau’s activities. Within the Bureau, Centre for Environmental Studies was established to provide a sound, integrated and coherent framework for policy formulation relevant to the needs of Malaysia and other countries of Southeast Asia. Initial funding for the setting up of the Centre was provided by ISIS Malaysia with contributions from the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Canada-ASEAN Centre.

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