ISIS Malaysia Internship Programme

ISIS Malaysia Internship Programme with the Economics, Trade and Regional Integration department

In order to apply for this position, please write to both Calvin Cheng ( and Harris Zainul ( Please enclose your cover letter and CV.


1) Preference will be given to Malaysian applicants who have completed at least an undergraduate degree. However, Malaysian citizens who are required to perform internships as part of their final year of undergraduate studies will also be considered for the ISIS Internship Programme. 

2) Although we have considered applicants from diverse backgrounds, preference will be given to those with relevant economics qualifications or working towards that qualification.

Recruitment and Selection Process 

Applicants will be required to submit the following:   

1) Curriculum vitae;
2) Academic transcript;
3) Cover letter; and
4) Writing sample (e.g., a recent term paper) of at least 1,500 words 

Shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview via video conference during regular office hours (Malaysian time). Application materials will be carefully reviewed, and interview decisions will be based on how closely an applicant’s background and experience matches the needs of the open position. This is a paid internship programme.